🎉 Exciting news from  Atlassian Team’23 in Las Vegas! Last week our colleagues Balázs Kiss and Péter Cselőtei joined the event and had time to chat and build connection with App Vendors and attended the keynote presentations.

🤖 The world of AIs is becoming more and more popular. No wonder, that Atlassian’s biggest news was the AI-powered virtual teammate.

💡 Atlassian Intelligence can help you do more with less effort. We only need to define the AI what we want the queries to return and the AI writes us the actual query. It can manage permissions and groups, summarizes content, and works as a JSM agent. You can even use it to analyze and visualize data without SQL.

🤝 Balász and Péter also visited App Vendor stands and made valuable connections. These collaborations will help us to assist our customers even better with App-related questions and problems.

📸👀 Check out some of the photos they took!


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