🎺📢 We’re thrilled to present the success story of our recent collaboration with the Kaefer Company, where we seamlessly migrated our client’s Confluence application from Server to Cloud. This involved crucial apps like Draw.io, Comala Document Management, and Table Filter and Charts for Confluence.

Right from the project’s outset, we encountered a challenge 🔧. Upon updating the CCMA app, it failed to start and remained disabled. However, our team swiftly executed database-level fixes, effectively resolving the issue.

🔄 Throughout the migration process, we encountered hurdles with two of the most vital apps: Draw.io and Comala. With Draw.io, some diagrams didn’t migrate successfully initially. 💡 To address this, we made slight modifications to the Draw.io export from the Server. For Comala, a pre-existing skeleton in the system hindered the transfer of certain workflow statuses on pages. To overcome this, we implemented a workaround on the Cloud platform.

📈 Despite facing testing challenges, the production phase proceeded remarkably smoothly, demonstrating flawless functionality of all applications in the new Cloud environment. Kaefer, our esteemed client, expressed immense satisfaction with the Cloud Confluence platform. 🎉

🌟🏆 The project’s success is attributed to the expertise of our team, the advantages of our Atlassian partnership, and the invaluable support from the app vendors. 📆 Precise planning and close collaboration with the client also played pivotal roles, ensuring their satisfaction and timely completion. 🌟🏆

🙏 We extend our gratitude to our esteemed client, the Kaefer company, and those who spearheaded this project from their end 🤝. Their cooperative and supportive approach was instrumental.

❓ If you have any questions or seek further details about our project, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re more than happy to share our experiences.

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