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The migration of their legacy SAP platforms and applications to SAP S/4HANA is for many companies a topic of strategic priority, as they design and implement innovative enterprise systems and applications. A key inflection point in the migration journey is the choice of transition approach to SAP S/4HANA: Greenfield, Brownfield, or Selective Transformation. The transition method has a significant impact on the preparations, planning, and duration of the entire project.

Challenging projects for suistainable growth

Prior to embarking on a SAP S4/HANA project, fundamental questions require thorough consideration:

  • Which transition option is the right for my company?
  • Where should we start with the S/4 HANA project?
  • Which impacts does S/4 HANA have on my system landscape?

Our consultants assess these questions and support your team with the selection of the conversion strategy. We help our customers to decide between the Greenfield, Brownfield or tool-based technical transformation approach.

Lupus applies the SAP Activate methodology, to guide customers throughout the entire project lifecycle in accordance with accepted best practices and by applying tools and templates as accelerators.

SAP S/4 HANA Greenfield Approach

What is the Greenfield approach?

Greenfield-Approach is the set-up of a new SAP environment with focus on business process optimization. All existing data will be migrated to the new system. However, processes and select SAP objects need to be re-designed or adapted respectively for compatibility with the SAP S/4HANA designs.
Change-Management measures ensure that users understand their roles and new tasks, thus fostering acceptance and support in the user community.

Lupus Consulting



  • Analysis and evaluation of the new infrastructure models
  • Identification of the most efficient transition methodology
  • Technical Preparations e.g. S/4 Hana Sandbox
  • Start with model company and analyse best practice processes in model company
  • Migration of historical SAP ECC Data

Benefits of Greenfield approach


  • New system: Opens up the possibility to re-engineer old concepts, revert custom developments back to the SAP standard definition.
  • Increased flexibility: A high(er) degree of standardization enables companies to implement changes more expediently.
  • Increase data quality: The Greenfield presents the possibility to run a systematic data clean-up prior to the migration.
  • Increasing functionality: Replacing custom developments with standard functionality contributes to cost reduction in both delivery and operations.
Lupus Consulting Best Practices

SAP S/4 HANA Brownfield approach

What is the brownfield approach?

A large number of SAP Customers have built complex ERP system landscape and extensively customized their SAP applications over the years. The Brownfield Approach transfers the processes and the existing landscape identically into the new system.

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  • Readiness check and technical analysis of current SAP system
  • Merge existing system with new S/4HANA system by almost 1:1
  • Keep business process wherever possible and re-map the data and processes in S4
  • Changes only based on SAP consolidation requirements
  • Set up an upgrade planning

Benefits of Brownfield approach


  • Quicker setup of the environment: The new S/4HANA environment can be set up more quickly, as the existing processes are mostly adopted from the source system, save for mandatory changes required to achieve S/4HANA compliance.
  • Reduced risk: Scoping of the solution is simple and straightforward compared to the Greenfield approach. Furthermore, existing process designs and adoption of simplification items contributes to accelerate project delivery cycles, and thus time to value realization.
  • Less training effort: By virtue of converting existing processes, the effort for preparing the training curriculum and delivering training courses will be substantially reduced.
Lupus Consulting Best Practices

Selective Data Transition –

Combination of Brown- and Greenfield

What is the selective data transition?

Selective data transition is a tool-based migration onto S/4HANA, enabling companies to tailor the migration to their very specific needs. The company has the possibility adding a certain amount of Greenfield and Brownfield approach to an overall mostly automated migration approach. In particular historically grown and highly customized system environments benefit from this approach.

Lupus Consulting


  • Tool-based migration preserves historical data and supports the Business Process Reengineering
  • Extract existing data, anaylse extraction of data and selectively redesign in new environment
  • Harmonization of processes and data
  • Consolidate SAP systems and integrate SAP and Non-SAP systems

Benefits of Greenfield approach


  • Targeting: Selective data transition offers the possibility to selectively migrate legal units, processes and data.
  • Merge of systems: Possibility to consolidate systems/legal units.
  • Efficiency: supports high data volumes and reduces downtimes to an absolute minimum.
  • Combination: Brownfield and Greenfield methods are combined and individually for the customer adapted

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