Smart Shore Development

The perfect solution for every kind of IT-project.

Smart Shore Development by Lupus Consulting – the intelligent approach for software development offers a flexible team and a well-coordinated, scalable mix of onsite, nearshore and offshore work. Full transparency about scope, status of work and cost are a matter of course.

Scalability of LUPUS Smart Shore Model

Smart Shore Development
Changing factors that impact your company’s business and – at some stage naturally the IT department – necessitate a change in thinking when it comes to setting up SAP projects these days. When we talk to IT decision makers, high quality in delivery is always the number one topic when work is outsourced to service providers. Let’s consider quality as a given factor, which we at Lupus Consulting reliably guarantee for our clients.

Another factor is cost. Tight budgets are one of the reasons why outsourcing SAP development projects becomes more and more attractive. IT departments increasingly focus on their core competencies to build their companies IT systems.  Outsourcing may be attractive for maintenance, in case of rather standard operations, and in case of resource shortages or missing knowledge.

We also noticed that it is most important for our clients to work together with stable teams over time, who build and maintain a sustainable knowledge base. This is especially important when it comes to product development or development projects of high complexity or a long duration.


Smart Shore Model

The perfect solution for every kind of IT-project.

Based on the experience of 15 years international development services.

The Lupus Consulting Smart Shore development approach offers full flexibility in the mix of resources that form the team. We propose the best possible mix of locations for the delivery, and we exploit the concomitant cost advantages. Our experienced Key Account Managers communicate frequently with the client´s management and project leaders. Our technical team leads act as operative point of contact and interface to our client’s team, and they are available onsite whenever desirable.
Our near-shore developers are situated in the EU, and can be moved onsite if the project phase requires, while we try to mix in as much remote work as possible. Offshore components may complete the setup, with focus on cost advantages and make best use of time difference (developments completed in the night can be tested when the working day starts at the clients site).  Best Practices and knowledge acquired in 15+ years of delivering SAP development projects enable us to have a smooth organisation and orchestration of all parties involved.

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