Primary purpose

Jira’s core use is agile project management, including both software and “non-software” projects. Collaborating with Lupus Consulting ensures your Jira instance is finely tuned to match your unique operational needs, whether it’s project management or software development.

For Azure DevOps, the core use is – helping teams in developing software applications from start to finish.

Search functionality

Jira gives you advanced search functionality that lets you quickly locate through the instance using custom queries . That’s not all – you can also do text-based searches with a word or phrase and remember your previous searches in a later session. With Lupus as your Atlassian Platinum Partner, master the art of quick and effective searches and harness the power of custom queries tailored to your specifications.

Search functionality is a lot more limited in Azure DevOps. While you can do basic searches, and you can also filter the search results, it lacks the extensive search customization offered by Jira.


Jira offers plenty of options for customizing workflows, fields, issuetypes to your liking. You can automate your processes, develop custom extensions. If you want to extend your Atlassian system with other features you can find thousands of Apps on the Atlassian Marketplace. Based on our experience, in case of an average project 70-90% of the needs can be solved with the accessories found on the marketplace. But if you don’t even find the right one we can even develop your own app for Jira.

Still, if your team is more interested in only using the product itself and simplicity is your preference, with only basic functionalities, Azure DevOps offers a distraction-free environment with essential functionalities.


Azure DevOps offers advanced traceability. Where every step from inception to deployment is meticulously tracked. Gain insights into the connections between work items and releases, providing invaluable clarity for development teams.

With Jira, traceability is limited. Jira can have this functionality with additional Atlassian Marketplace apps. Benefit from Lupus Consulting’s wealth of experience. We know which apps you need and know how you can improve the traceability of your application to the highest level.

Choosing your Path

In the realm of project management tools, both Azure DevOps and Jira shine brightly. Your best decision depends on your project’s specific needs. Jira is primarily an issue tracking and project management system, while Azure DevOps covers the entire software development lifecycle. Opt for Azure DevOps if software development is your focus, while choose Jira if you manage diverse projects beyond development.

Rest assured, Lupus Consulting stands ready to guide you on your journey!