ABAP & Form Factory

The idea of the ABAP & FORM FACTORY is to deliver particular development projects in a “factory mode” – a mostly near-and off-shore driven approach, with a restricted share of onsite tasks. This approach becomes interesting in cases where work packages and scope are well defined, and tasks are of repetitive nature. The focus is clearly on budget, gaining as much cost benefit as possible. Examples for ideal scenarios are forms, interfaces, SAP middleware connectors (XI/PI/PO), etc.

Spotlight on Form Factory – the Lupus Consulting approach for delivering form development projects.



  • Significant cost-efficiencies across the whole project lifecycle.
  • Clients are fully involved into the processes of the development FACTORY and retain full control and ownership about their developments.
  • Set-up of a development team with dedicated heads or a development service.
  • Dedicated project manager – upon request with German language capabilities.
  • All expert knowledge available as the FACTORY developer can access consulting knowledge at any time.


  • Well defined, as existing forms are available in SAP technology.
  • Specifications can be written quite quick as design guidelines as well as technical requirements are available with the existing forms.
  • A migration from recent print technologies to ADOBE Forms is a re-development.


  • Forms can be clustered by complexity, while most of the developments can be expected to be of low to medium complexity.
  • Development processes are repetitive as forms use the same technology and can be categorized into functional domains using mostly same data.

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  • The different form technologies are widely used, well known and well documented.


  • Impact on existing business processes is considerable low as forms are very well encapsulated.


  • As the project framework in terms of scope, technology and complexity is well defined and understood almost non-onsite presence will be needed (even a printer can be installed in the Lupus Consulting Development Centre). Efficient collaboration and transparency across the project can be ensured via standard collaboration tools and video conferences if needed.


Lupus Consulting has a proven track record in SAP form development projects, as part of roll-out or implementation projects, individual development projects, form migration projects from SAPscript or SmartForms to Adobe Forms.

Based on Adobe’s form technology Lupus Consulting developed a template based approach for replacing country and business specific SAPscript and SmartForms in use so far.


Spotlight on Interactive Forms by Adobe – plant maintenance workflow


This video shows the (slightly simplified) process of creating a notification / maintenance request and maintenance orders using Adobe Interactive Forms. After filling the form it is sent to the SAP system and generates a notification and the PM order in the background. The status of the order can be followed up on the interactive form in every state.