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Any business is affected by the pace of the globalization, digitization and customer expectations. These factors impact companies significantly which leads to their IT departments needing to change their models and their infrastructure to be competitive and sustainable. In terms of SAP projects companies have many bottlenecks as well as future requirements to their ERP Systems. IT decision-makers require for the SAP projects the highest quality in relation with attractive costs. By outsourcing the whole project or solely some parts to a Near Shore provider this can be achieved easily.

Lupus Consulting combines onsite and remote activities based on our experience and best-practices. We understand that for development projects close interaction is required and expected. In order to benefit from our Nearshore approach, we offer a diverse team to support the requirements and to apply a noticeable twist to the pricing. The Single-Point-of-Contact ensures proper allocation of the tasks to the Nearshore team and also conducts the Quality Assurance process if /where it is needed.  The Lead Developer remains the contact person, additionally different experts within the team are also available for any clarifications and requests

Our collaboration approach is supported by:

  • Best-Practice communication patterns
  • Tools for virtual cooperation (e.g. Jira and MS Teams)
  • High degree of availability on project and non-project days
  • Joint planning of tasks and progress tracking

Best-Practice Methodology:

Collaboration approach

Lupus Consulting has proven track-record in customization of SAP solutions and development of apps. Our best-practice approach is based on 20 years of experience in which we have mastered various development methodologies.

In case of predictable and commodity activities, we recommend to work in a classical waterfall approach. The changes and enhancements, for example code-cleaning, syntax and automated activities, or form technology conversions are clearly defined and fit into this methodology.

Complex developments with high degree of coordination between the development team and business are based on agile approaches. Our best-practice approach is based on a 3-weeks interaction with a predefined backlog and clearly defined acceptance criteria.

Based on our experience, various scenarios including the S/4HANA Transition, Roll-Out Projects, Carve-in/out projects require a mix of both approaches. We provide best-practice methodologies for this kind of projects and are supported through our enhanced concepts. We offer:

  • Dedicated teams
  • English and German speaking Experts
  • Consulting and Support Experts to build up synergies with the Development Team
  • Quality Assurance Processes

Teaming up with your internal experts:

Our Team set-up with the customer is based on 20 years of expertise.

  • The Lupus Consulting Developers team up with one dedicated expert
  • Enables a plannable and focused transfer of knowledge on the product
  • Defined contact person to get insights fast
  • Easy to scale and share information/knowledge to new team-members
  • Process experts support product understanding from process perspective
  • Functional consultants support with SAP Module expertise
  • Fixed speaking hours recommended to avoid availability issues on customer end (Consultation hours)
Teaming up

Your Benefits

  • Experts in traditional and cloud-based SAP development services

  • Development services focusing on digital transformation in- and outside of SAP Ecosystem

  • Broad expertise of SAP Basis services – covering implementation, upgrade and support services

  • Professional and enhanced set of tools based on SAP guidelines and best practices

  • Tight budgets are optimized by outsourcing SAP development projects to our Nearshore center
  • IT departments focus on core competencies to build their companies IT systems (Value adding activities)
  • Attractive for maintenance and standard operations, in case of resource shortages or missing knowledge.
  • Customers work together with stable teams and contact persons
  • Build and maintain a sustainable knowledge base within the customer system environment
Customer Centric
  • Key Account Managers communicate frequently with the customer’s management and project leaders
  • Technical team leads act as an operative point of contact and interface to our customer’s team
  • Nearshore developers are located in the EU, and can be moved onsite if the project requires. 

SAP Development Services

Road to SAP S/4HANA

SAP S/4HANA finds its way into the SAP community and poses the question of how a transition can be made as cost-effectively and smoothly as possible.

SAP S/4HANA transition

A key inflection point in the migration journey is the choice of transition approach to SAP S/4HANA: Greenfield, Brownfield, or Selective Transformation. Our consultants support your team with the selection of the conversion strategy

SAP Template rollout

SAP Template Rollout projects require a special approach & expertise. Lupus Consulting has a long history in supporting Rollout projects of any scope and complexity.

Business Intelligence

Services for various source systems and front-end tools like Microsoft PowerBI.

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