The protection of data is becoming more and more important in particular as digitization is evolving rapidly and interaction between companies is increasing continuously. The demand for initiating a safe communication out of the SAP ecosystem e.g. with other business partners or government authorities is also growing slowly but steadily. Lupus Consulting has developed a slim and fully integrated solution, enabling companies to generate SHA3 hash values within their native ABAP programs to ensure data integrity in various processes. The solution can easily be implemented without any external support and comes along with an unmatched price. The Lupus Consulting hash calculation is based on the SHA3 security hash family (known as Keccak algorithm), which has been introduced in 2015 and since then has become frequently used in cryptography. In some scenarios within SAP it is necessary to produce SHA3 hashes of data contents, however SAP does not offer any solution yet.


  • Our script is implemented in native ABAP, therefore no external libraries or additional interfaces to an external cryptographic products are needed
  • In order to keep the implementation process simple, Lupus Consulting delivers its solution in standard transport packages. Needed objects are being created by SAP TMS
  • Object-oriented coding
  • Applied language elements are backward compatible with older ABAP stacks (tested on SAP_ABA 700/0014)
  • Supported security key levels: SHA3-224/ SHA3-256 / SHA3-384/ SHA3-512
  • SHA3 API can be easily referenced in any ABAP codes
  • Download package includes sample use-cases
  • Rapid implementation and cost effective
  • Price: 390€ + VAT

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Price: 390€ + VAT


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Performance aspects

Compared to other ABAP packages on the market, Lupus SHA3 package is proved to be 10 times faster than those. Performance of Lupus SHA3 packes:

  • Average processing time: ~0.005 seconds / block
  • Handling an average 10KB XML data source requires > 0,5 second (even on test environments with lower hardware capabilities.)


Even though, due to the design of SHA3 which requires a high number of bit operations, processing of large files might be quite computing intensive. Therefore we recommend to use our algorithm with 1 MB source data limit


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