On 16th of October, Atlassian announced to simplify their offerings for server and data center products. After 2nd February 2021, Atlassian will not support or sell new server products anymore but existing customers can still purchase renewals for server products until 2024.

In addition to this, the prices for server and data center products will be raised as well.

Our intention for our customers is to find the best strategy for the upcoming months and answer the most important questions:

Which options do customers with server products have?

First of all – don´t panic. The customers with server products can still renew the existing licenses and continue with the current strategy. However, in the long-term perspective a highly recommended action is to migrate either to cloud or data center. Here is a short summary of each solution.

Focus on cloud!

Atlassian’s cloud solutions have been evolving over the years and the ecosystem is expanding rapidly. Especially for customers with manageable custom solutions and apps, the move to the cloud is one of the best alternatives. However, in many cases the “just migrate to the cloud” – approach is not that easy since the cloud solution is fundamentally different from server. All apps and individual settings need to be checked carefully.

A smooth move to Data Center!

Many companies already use a bunch of custom solutions which increases the complexity of cloud migration. For these customers, we recommend a move to the data center instead. Custom server solutions (primarily scripts) and most apps work almost identically on the data center.

Users won´t even notice the change from the server to the data center. This solution applies especially to customers with a larger number of licenses.

Let’s stay where we are!

For companies with reasonable arguments e.g. governance rules, important business requirements or a lower number of licenses we recommend not to change anything yet. In this situation, we recommend to renew the server licenses until the end of support (2nd February 2024) or to purchase a small amount for new licenses until 2nd February 2021. However, it is important to keep in mind that updates won´t be available anymore, and could cause security risks in the operation of the server.

If you need any help to cope with the changes, contact us! We are here to help!