You know what? We finally decided to start a company blog! What you are reading is the very first blog entry and you might ask, why a company like Lupus Consulting would start a blog?

Well, like us, you probably have heard different opinions about blogs, marketing, content and social media in general. The more people you ask about these topics, the more different answers you will get.

We went through a long process of discussing ideas, advantages and disadvantages, and finally, we believe, our blog will

  • help us to learn new things
  • challenge the way we communicate
  • show our competencies
  • create stronger bonds with our current and future clients
  • strengthen our market position

The benefits for you, as a visitor of this blog are huge, too. It allows you to engage with us in a direct, informal and no-pressure way: “Write a comment, start a discussion and get feedback”

We’ll of course, we will try to communicate the strengths of our products and services, the expertise of our team and the company’s experience. We believe in Content AND Marketing. We are not convinced about “content marketing”. We want to be honest and fair and we’ll look from different perspectives on certain topics. Sometimes, one of our services is simply great, sometimes there is a better way to solve your problem. We are aware of that!

We assume, you want to know what our company thinks about new ideas, trends, methods and ways to move forward. We also think you are just curious. We are curious too and we are discussing a lot about trends and impacts internally. Now we want to use the blog to tell you more about our thoughts and learnings on topics like blockchain, smart contracts, cloud computing, cognitive computing, machine learning, connected devices, intelligent things and software defined anything (just to mention a few). Everyday new buzzwords and hypes are created and it is important to understand the underlying ideas to balance our big picture of the industry we are working in.

Hype Cycle

Hype Cycle

In our daily business we are active in all the different phases mentioned in the screenshot above. Sometimes we are working and researching at the beginning of a new technology, sometimes we are on the other side in these typical “hamster wheels” of productivity. And often, we are somewhere in between. The different approaches of our daily work makes our company truly unique and interesting. So far, our clients enjoyed the competitive advantage we brought to them through our services.

Because of its collaborative nature, we hope that the blog also helps us to gain insights into your needs and interests. We want to use this information to develop new services and products and fine-tune existing ones.

We also assume the blog will make our company appear more ‘alive’ and approachable and gives it a personal voice. We really hope so and we had some discussions who will write all these amazing future blog posts. Finally, we decided to hire someone from outside of the company, showed him what he wanted to see and gave him answers to all his questions to guarantee a fresh and unbiased view.

Tadaah – time to introduce myself:



I am Hagen and I’m writing the first blog posts. As mentioned above I’m an outsider and had the opportunity to learn about the company. The first question in my head was: “Why is it  called Lupus?” When I googled the name I found a lot about “… systemic autoimmune diseases ….” and I wasn’t sure what the whole thing is about. The answer is surprisingly easy and a bit romantic too. When the company was founded, the decision was taken in Rome, Italy. The legend of the founding of Rome is that the twins Romulus and Remus were suckled by a she-wolf (Canis Lupus). The founders were so impressed by that story so the name for their company was set! Having now a fully social media compliant founding story, I’m feeling even more confident because a wolf is a very social animal. And knowing this story I’m thinking of the blog as a little wolf discovering an interesting world.

Young wolf

Young wolf – taken by Tambako, CC BY-ND 4.0

For the start, we’ll offer our blog as RSS Feed and as Tweets on our Twitter and our Instagram Account.

Stay tuned!