(IDR / Invoice Data Reporting)

A simple, cost-efficient and comprehensive solution
from Lupus Consulting

Entering into effect on 1 July 2018, the modification of the Act CXXVII 2007 on value added tax prescribes for all taxable entities to perform data reporting for each invoice that contains taxes of or in excess of HUF 100,000, passed on another taxable person registered domestically.

In case of invoicing with the use of billing/accounting software the invoice data shall be transmitted to the NAV (NTCA) without human interaction, via the public internet immediately, after the preparation of the invoice.

Lupus Consulting offers a solution fully compliant with the requirements above, with flexible customization options.


Your partner for further details: József Hornyák | +36 30 9191 704 | jozsef.hornyak@lupusconsulting.com

Local SAP ECC/S4HANA Extension


  • An SAP module, supporting quick and simple installation, for gathering invoice data
    automatically according to the requirements of the law, furthermore provide a monitoring
  • Communication component leveraging encoding and encryption algorithms prescribed by the authority adapting to the Company security polices with direct or indirect communication methods


  • No need for additional SAP licenses, subscriptions (e.g. for SAP eDocument Framework or SAP Cloud Platform Integration Service)
  • Quick and easy installation on internal company infrastructure
  • Supports network setups where SAP is not connected to the internet
  • Customization options enabling Clients to adapt to smaller changes in the law
  • Can also satisfy the current prescriptions of the law for data-export
  • ALV dashboard functionality for monitoring communication with NAV
  • Can manage more legal entity (company codes) in the same SAP client
  • Can manage more SAP instances, or clients in the same legal unit
  • Our solution will be extended to cover other countries as well, as a similar change in regulation is expected globally