Customer SAP Add-on

SAP Add-on for B2b Transaction

An increasing number of companies take actions to reduce environmental footprints aiming also for cost savings Replacing traditional paper-based documents with digital e-Invoices is a huge step forward in this process, while reaching security standards within an already implemented invoicing solution can be challenging.

Within the e-Invoice product framework, Lupus Consulting introduces its native Customer e-Invoicing plugin for SAP, serving SAP-driven companies with an easy-to-setup solution to generate and handle digitally signed electronic invoices including timestamps. The solution utilizes following features:


  • PKI X.509-based digital signature process
  • Special file formats (PAdES for PDF documents, XAdES for XMLs and ZIPs, CAdES for general files)
  • Trusted and digital timestamping
  • GUI and customizable processes for handling files securely

How does this solution work?

Customer Add-on e-invoicing

The data flow consists of the following steps:


  1. Invoice is being posted in SAP
  2. Output program creates printout file based on the module-specific programming environment and custom processes
  3. Generated unsigned (raw) output file is being stored in central database as a new invoice message
  4. New invoice messages are collected by message handler and are being sent to e-Signature interface (either local or remote)
  5. Invoice files stored in e-Invoice dashboard get updated with the signed files, also statuses are being updated based on process outcome (success or error cases)
  6. Further Customer-specific logic is being executed

Main Features

Output programs

This module is responsible for modifying existing outputs and to generate pdf data based on SAP spool requests. The solution stores the newly created invoice in the e-Invoice dashboard, in which the automatic background processes handles the signature and timestamp creation.

e-Invoice Dashboard

The central module of invoice message handling and data validation. The seamless integration of the dashboard ensures smooth communication with the other modules of the e-Invoice solution. The dashboard enables flexible filtering and handling of different e-Invoice types.

Periodic message handler

Responsible for collecting new invoice messages, grouping and initiating the signature process. The background functionality can be extended via standard SAP BAdI in order to include customer-specific programs.

Communication modules

Based on the local IT infrastructure and the local security policy, file transfer based signature approach is supported.

Local service-based signature

3rd-party software component of the e-signature provider needs to be installed. Signature is based on a interface between SAP and local software component.

e-Signature service providers

Our solution supports different vendors providing the needed certificates for the digital signature and validated data flow.


  • Paperless solution – as it helps companies to reduce the number of printouts significantly and contributes to a better environmental footprint.
  • Contributes to cost-savings as the paper-based process will be digitized.
  • It supports the fast and automatic creation of electronic invoices.
  • It provides flexible support for different kinds of e-Invoice types.
  • It is an easy-to-implement and easy-to-use solution. Existing implementations can be extended swiftly.
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