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Save up to 20% for the Atlassian Products Jira, Confluence, etc. and add-ons 


Lupus Consulting supports and organizes your license management for all your Atlassian products. Through our Gold partnership status with Atlassian, we offer provide licenses for all Atlassian products, all Marketplace apps and 3rd party vendor extensions. 

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Your advantages

We help you find the right license package for your business and requirements. We consult you about the different deployment variants and take care of your license management.


  • Discounted rates for any products of Atlassian (Data Center, Cloud, Marketplace and 3rd party app providers)
  • Advice on the most cost-effective options of licensing such as renewals, upgrades and downgrades of user counts.
  • Central license management of renewal, upgrades, downgrades and new purchasings
  • Flexible scalability of the license numbers
  • Holistic services for workflows, processes, installation, hosting, training and support

Our License process in short

Enter your information in our contact form

Lupus Consulting will prepare the costs for you and suggest a meeting to discuss the information

You can choose if you want to buy or test first

After deciding the next steps, we will officially get a quotation for the licenses and provide the needed number of licenses with a discounted rate.

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