Atlassian Consultancy

Getting the most out of your Atlassian products…

Lupus Consulting is Atlassian Solution partner and covers the whole bandwidth of services concerning the Atlassian product portfolio. We offer rock solid consulting, development and support services to make the most out of our clients’ Atlassian products. Our services strictly aim to support and optimize our clients software development, Help Desk or any other business processes like that of human ressources, finance or IT operations.

Jira Software

When it comes to agile software development, JIRA Software is the tool to plan, track, and release software. However, the user-friendly visualization of tickets also makes JIRA Software the ideal tool for supporting non-IT users and processes like that of human ressources, finance, or legal department.

Combined with the portfolio for JIRA add-on, companies can create a visual roadmap for all their projects, manage the capacities of their teams, communicate plans and progress.

Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk is a fully featured ITIL compliant service desk solution having a large number of features inbuilt like self-service, automation, SLAs, or customer satisfaction reporting.

It is easy to use and to set-up according to specific needs as it offers a development-free customization for Operators. Jira Service Desk is widely used across our clients as internal help desk solution not just supporting IT processes, but also supporting the needs of other departments like back office, human ressources or even legal.


Confluence is the universal collaboration tool. Whether a single source of truth for documentation or a knowledge base for a company’s service desk users and operators is needed, Confluence is the tool to manage collaboration within organizations properly.

Confluence enables teams to work together in real time on any page and ensures full transparency about who is editing any page and changes become evident while they happen.

With its Wiki-style pages, templates, automatic versioning, file-previews and sophisticated permission control, Confluence can be a flexible, development-free alternative to other collaboration tools.

Tempo Timesheets

The de-facto standard for time-tracking and reporting in JIRA Software and Service Desk.

This 3rd party extension provides organizations with an easy to use but powerful tool for time recording. It has a rich set of reporting capabilities and ensures transparency across the company about the time spent on projects and or any other activities.

Development Tools

Fully integrated with JIRA Software and Confluence, Atlassian offers a wide variety of tools supporting an organization’s software development activities. Bitbucket as GIT repository, Bamboo as CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Deployment) server give enterprise-grade alternatives for open source solutions like GitHub and Jenkins.
With FishEye & Crucible companies can implement agile code review practices efficiently.

Atlassian Consultancy & Support Services

While Atlassian licenses provide companies with regular product updates and access to the Atlassian knowledge base and other resources, the consulting and support services are driven via Atlassian Solution Partners.

As certified Atlassian Solution Partner, Lupus Consulting supports clients in case of all Atlassian products when it comes to their…

  • Licensing
  • Installation and upgrades
  • Initial configuration and performance tuning
  • Customization
  • Support
  • Plugin development

Contact us to learn more about our Atlassian consulting and support services as well as the Atlassian product portfolio.

Add-On Development

We very often face the situation that our clients are entirely satisfied with their Atlassian products, but need some more customized behaviour to cover specific business requirements. At this point our development services come into play. Our experts carefully analyse the requirement including the underlying business process and either develop a custom plugin if needed or customize the system in order to meet the requirements.

If a development put into practice satisfies similar business requirements of other companies, then clients may also benefit from our product development program, releasing the add-on on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Following agile practices, we continuously interact with our clients, making sure to understand their business requirements and ultimately supporting them to get the most value out of their Atlassian products.