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Satisfying E-Invoicing requirements reliably, quickly and cost efficiently.

E-invoicing, is becoming increasingly important and legally binding in many countries. With the electronic sending of structured billing data companies are obliged to report their invoices to the tax authorities.

One of the main drivers of these legislative initiatives, which are designed differently in the individual countries, is the so-called VAT gap. The VAT gap describes the difference between expected VAT, calculated by the tax authorities, and the VAT actually received by the authorities. 

The electronic reporting of invoicing data is just one variation of the increasing digitization and the associated automatic exchange of information with the authorities. In the future, the extension to other tax-relevant business documents is conceivable.

In the context of increasingly stricter legal requirements on the one hand and the continually-growing volume of invoices and its growing complexity due to global trade on the other, Lupus Consulting has developed a fast to deploy, easy to use and cost-effective E-Invoice solution for companies using SAP software.

In the coming months we will be offering a series of free webinars to inform about the Lupus Consulting e-invoicing solution. The focus is on the new legislation in Italy, which becomes effective on January 1st , 2019, and on the presentation of the Lupus Consulting e-invoice solution, which is fully integrated with SAP, and covers all processes and legal requirements end-to-end.

Next Webinars

Date & TimeRegistration link
11.12.2018, 14:00 Registration link
18.12.2018, 14:00 Registration link


  • Short introduction of Lupus Consulting
  • Lupus E-invoice solution, main features
  • Legal requirements and processes associated
  • Update about the current status of the development
  • Live demo of the solution
  • Introduction of a typical project, implementation methodology and timing
  • Planned country versions status today
  • Ordering process and pricing policy
  • Meet the developers and Q&A